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Shell Beach Guyana

At Shell Beach Guyana will you find 4 of the 8 remaining sea turtles in the world nesting every year.

The Leatherback turtle(Dermochelys coriacea) that can be spotted on Shell Beach Guyana is the biggest kind of sea turtle in the world. While they honestly look clumsy on land they are impressive creatures in water that is known to grow up to an impressive 700 kg(1540 lb). The adults have been observed chasing predators such as sharks while in the water.

This tour is only available between February and July and will take you from Georgetown and up to Region one, near the Venezuelan border. Here you will live on Shell beach in basic accommodation and go out with local rangers to spot the amazing turtles coming to shore.

Shell Beach in Guyana is one of the best places to visit to experience these ancient giants coming up on shore to lay their eggs. Every night you will, accompanied by local rangers, venture out along the beach to monitor and count the amount of turtles visiting the beach.

It has been a long development of the conservation project, but every year it is developing and getting better at protecting these wonders of nature. Many other places in the world, the beaches has been filled up with humans and noise which scares away the turtles. This is not the case at Shell Beach in Guyana where there has been a negative development of inhabitants living a long the beach because it is eroding. This has created the perfect place to make a sanctuary for the turtles. Remember this is not a classical conservation project, but is run by passionate souls who is trying to do their best with what they have available while making a living from the guests who come to see the turtles.


Chance of spotting 4 out of 8 possible Sea turtles

Following the rangers on work

Beautiful nature

Supporting Shell Beach conservation zone

Authentic experience


3 Days / 2 Nights

5 Meals

All transportation according to program

All activities according to program

Flight (Georgetown – Mabaruma return)