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Refund and Cancellation Policy

Guyana Vacation aims to provide an efficient and reliable destination experience with tours and packages. The following terms and conditions apply if you are purchasing one of our regularly scheduled tours listed on our website.


Full payment per tour is required at least 60 days in advance of the scheduled tour date.

This may be paid with a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, company or personal check.

Adding persons to your group after the 60 days must be confirmed with a full payment.


Upon receipt of your tour request and deposit, you will receive details on the tour itinerary, requirements, policies and conditions.

Cancellations and Refunds

For cancellation of a requested tour, the following fees will apply to your refund:

Days Prior to Trip Start Date Trip Cancellation Fee Per Person:

61-90 days $50                                         46-60 days 50% of tour price

31-45 days 75% of tour price                  0-30 days 100% of tour price

Refunds are issued by only company checks within 30 days of your payment.

A request for cancellation must be done in writing, there are no exceptions. We will happily assist with transferring from one trip to another in the same calendar year up to 90 days prior to the trip date at no charge, after which our cancellation policy applies. If unforeseen circumstances require a change to your trip itinerary, Guyana Vacation will make every effort to select alternative options of the same standard and to keep modifications to a minimum. Guyana Vacation reserves the right to cancel a tour package for any reason with a full refund to our customer. 

Weather Conditions: 

Under no circumstances can we be held responsible for weather conditions. No tour or package can be cancelled or amended by you at any time on the basis of weather conditions. We accept no responsibility for weather conditions that may affect the delivery and implementation of our itinerary.

Refunds are not issued for the following:

If the tour did not meet your expectations;

If you simply change your mind;

If you booked the tour by mistake;

If you do not have sufficient expertise or capability to experience the tour;

If you ask for goodwill.


Once full payment is made, you will be allocated a place on the particular tour and a confirmation will be emailed to you. This is your confirmation of booking. This should be printed and saved for own reference.

We accept no responsibility for incorrect email or inability to deliver email. If your confirmation does not arrive on time or at all, then you must ask us to resend the email confirmation of the tours you have paid for.

All internet bookings will be confirmed by email.

We reserve the right to sell any places reserved without full payment or a deposit.

It is the responsibility of the passenger to check the accuracy of dates booked upon receipt of their travel documents.

Travel Insurance & Required Vaccinations

Customers are responsible for obtaining their own travel insurance and the required vaccinations for the destination. We strongly recommend that you take out comprehensive insurance cover for cancellation, medical expenses, personal accident, personal baggage, money and public liability before you travel. We accept no responsibility for the theft, loss or damage to personal belongings from at any time during the duration of your tour. If the reason for your cancellation is covered under your insurance policy, you may be able to make a claim under that policy.

Health Conditions

Customers must ensure that the tour of choice is suitable for their abilities, fitness and health. We assist in helping choose the right tours. Please ensure you have all required clothing and medications for your tour in the tropical conditions. 

Payment of your tour confirms your acceptance of our terms and conditions.

 Guyana Vacations serves as agents for the tour service and travel arrangements. 

Guyana Vacation shall not be liable and does not assume responsibility for any claims, damages, expenses or other financial loss whether to person or property arising out of any injury, accident, death, cancellation, delay, alteration, or inconvenience resulting from any act of omission, commission or inadvertence of any hotel, carrier, restaurant or other company or person rendering any of the services included in the tour, or its pre and post tour arrangements, or caused by weather, sickness, strikes, quarantines or the willful or negligent acts of any other tour members or any cause whatsoever beyond the control of Guyana Vacation.

Some days or activities and certain trips are operated by tour operators in Guyana in partnership with Guyana Vacation. These operators have been selected for the quality of their services and tours.

Marketing Updates

Guyana Vacation reserves the right, and tour participants agree to allow Guyana Vacation, to take photographic or film records of any of our tours and tour participants, and may use any such records for promotional and/or commercial purposes.

We reserve the right to launch amended marketing materials in the public domain at any time. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of our brochures and other printed material at time of going to print, however, Guyana Vacation cannot be held responsible for printing and typographical errors, or errors arising from unforeseen circumstances.


The tour booking conditions detailed herein contain the entire contract between our customer and Guuyana Vacation. No representation, term, warranty or condition can be expressed or implied by reference to any other writing, advertisement or conversation. This contract may only be varied in writing by the officials of Guyana Vacation.