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Orinduik Falls

Orinduik Falls was included in our day tour to Kaieteur Falls.

This was a wide, multi-tiered series of cascades. There are plunge pools beneath the horizontal expanse of the Ireng River beneath these cascades so it allowed us to swim or soak to cool off from the tropical heat.

The falls flowed on the Ireng River not far from the Brazilian border in an area that was more of a Savannah than the vast carpet of rainforest on the Guyana Shield at Kaieteur. The river eventually connects with the mighty Amazon River in Brazil.

This wide multi-layered waterfalls thunders endlessly over shelves of red semi-precious jasper rocks creating fascinating carvings in the river walls and a natural Jacuzzi bath under the outcrop. This leg of the journey proves to be quite refreshing after your morning in the sun.

Scenes from the Air:

* Georgetown and the Demerara River

* CBJ Int’l Airport

* Bartica and Essequibo rivers

* Omai Gold Mines

* The Potaro River

* The Pakaraima Mountain Range

* Kaieteur Falls

* The jungle and mountains amd open rolling savannah hills

2 Hours Ground time at Each Water Falls.

Dos  & Don'ts

DO Dress casual with proper walking shoes or boots, absolutely no high heels or flip flops.

• Be careful of your steps as some areas are slippery

• Stay with the group and for added safety; keep an eye on each other.

• Remember to take your camera, SD cards and videos.

• Take along insect repellant and sun block.

• Keep your trash or place it in the trash bag which will be provided by Rainforest Tours.

DON’T Leave ANY litter ANYWHERE in the park.

• Stray from the tour guide or group.

• Remove ANY flora, fauna or rocks.

• Walk with any valuables

• Give any package or money to residents

• Take any package from the residents.

Package Includes:

Road, Air Transportation

Buffet Lunch

Kaieteur national park Permit


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